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User Accounts

How to get a user account on Lawrencium / How to add additional users to your project?

Accounts are added on a first come, first served basis upon approval of the PI for the project. For security reasons, access to Lawrencium will be through the use of one-time password tokens. Users will be required to complete user account requests at myLRC portal in order to get their one-time password token generator and their account.

Closing User Accounts

The PI for the project or the main contact is responsible for notifying HPCS to close user accounts and the disposition of the user’s software, files and data. In some cases, users share software and data from their home directory and others may depend on them. For this reasons, only account terminations have to be requested by PI, the main account or the user of the account. Users accounts are not automatically deactivated upon termination of an employee because many people change their employment status, but remain engaged with the project. Send your requests at myLRC portal .

Questions regarding requesting new or removing accounts can be directed to